Monthly Archives: October 2013

Skanderborg Killerbees vs SFK Horsens

Today SFK Horsens won by 10-3 in Skanderborg. SFK Horsens is now #2 in the league, trailing Mørke IF. Both teams has 9 pts., both Mørke IF has the better scoreline. The two teams clash in the next round, as SFK Horsens is hosting a Wedensday night topmatch on the 6th of November.

MoM for SFK Horsens was Martin Tran, who put in a massive work rate, and two fine goals.

Pts. for SFK Horsens:

Kristians Lunins 5+1
Martin Tran 2+1
Victor Didriksson 1+2
Roland Podnieks 1+1
Frank Wolff 1+1
Anders Lovèn 0+2
Michael Sejer 0+1

AAFK vs SFK Horsens

Today SFK Horsens won by 9-4 against AAFK.

Despite Roland Rodneiks producing impressive 5+0, Jan Kappel Andersen was elected MoM for Horsens for a strong defensive display and a fine goal.

Points for SFK Horsens:

Roland Rodnieks: 5+0
Kristians Lunins: 2+3
Elvis Kasparans: 0+3
Jan kappel Andersen: 1+1
Anders Lovén: 1+0

Minutes for SFK Horsens:

Kristians Lunins: 2 x 2 min.
Jens Spindler Laursen: 2 x 2 min.
Stiina Kristal: 1 x 2 min.
Victor Vincent Didrikssen: 1 x 2 min.